I recently posted on one of our local radio station’s fan pages asking if anyone could help with a problem my neighbours and I are having with workers from the two government buildings parking in front of our homes for eight or more hours each day. Monday to Friday. We do have two hour parking signs in front of our houses, but some still chose to park there for much longer.

I did receive several proposals and one reply from someone that works in the buildings. This person said that they are frustrated too – they all want to park close to their work and with parking fines and people complaining about where they park, there is a lot of added stress when going to work. She noted that the big parking lot behind the two George Street buildings is full.

Another person said to move. Why should I move? I’ve lived here for forty-two years. Another said its public parking. Yes, it is public parking and my neighbours and I don’t really care if government workers park in front of our homes for the allowed (and posted) two hour maximum, but with an eight hour work day, many park there for eight or more.

All of this means that when people visit us they have to park across the street and pay at the meters. The workers at the government buildings certainly don’t seem to park there and the only reason I can think is because they don’t want to pay.

The woman who responded to my post (who seemed like a very nice person) said she does pay the meters, but still I constantly have to ask several people not to be park in front of my home for longer than two hours. When I do make this request I’m not generally met with very nice comments or reactions.

I know this is going to stir up a lot of anger among the people in those buildings, but someone needs to do something. There must be something someone can do to help everyone. The church has been calling the city complaining because when they put up their “No Parking Funeral” signs people continue to park there. What can we do? Is there any solution out there that will make everyone happy?


George Street