Sydney’s Northend is home to many people, some are new to the area and some have been here their entire lives. Regardless of how and when we arrived here we continue to be bound together by our status as Northenders.

As a new Turnip feature, we thought it would be fun to profile a resident, A MYSTERY RESIDENT, in each new issue. We will give you five clues about this resident’s identity and then it is up to you to figure who they are.

The Mystery Resident’s identity will be kept secret until the next issue where it will be reviled in a short article about the person. LET’S BEGIN!

1. This resident’s family has lived in the North End since 1975.

2. After some time away, our Mystery Resident has recently moved back to the neighbourhood.

3. Before moving back, our Mystery Resident lived in North Bay (ON), Calgary (ALTA), Truro, Antigonish, and a number of places throughout the CBRM.

4. Our Mystery Resident just bought his/her parent’s house.

5. You can here Our Mystery Resident on the radio on weekday mornings.

How well do you know your North End neighbours? Make sure you check the next issue of the Turnip to see if you are right. In the meantime, why not post your guesses on The Turnip’s Facebook Page?

If you would like to become our next Mystery Resident, or know someone who would make a good candidate, send an email to thenorthendturnip@gmail.com.