By Vanessa Childs Rolls

The Sydney Daily Record was established in 1884 as Sydney’s liberal weekly newspaper. In 1896, its circulation grew and it became a daily publication. At the same time the conservative newspaper, The Sydney Daily Post was founded. For the price of two cents per edition and three dollars a year you could subscribe to The Record. The two papers merged in 1933 and became the Sydney Post-Record until July 14, 1956 when the Post-Record became the Cape Breton Post.

Sydney Record building on Charlotte Street, ca. 1928. 95-215-126306. Beaton Institute, Cape Breton University.

An excerpt from The Daily Record on July 8, 1901:

The older part of the town the “North End” is not being entirely neglected. A considerable number of fine new residences have gone up here during the last year or two and a number are now under construction. Four dwellings are being erected in one bunch at the corner of George and Napean streets. Ferry street, the continuation of Napean, leading to the steel works, has been built up wholly within the last two years. In the new court house now under construction, the North end will have the first public building in town. In no long time it will have within its limits a new I.C.R. station house, one worthy of Sydney’s growing importance, and very likely also a new public building –post office, etc. – the present building being quite small for our rapidly expanding services. A city building, one vying in point of architecture with the courthouse, will go up in the course of a few years on North Charlotte streets. Thus the old North End, which not so many years ago comprised all there was of the town, will still contain all that is official and historic in Sydney.