Dear Turnip,

I live near midland trucking and those folks are great. Trucks slowly pull into their yard and we don’t even notice them anymore. BUT, for two days now there has been the same truck bringing fill and dumping it next door. It is constant and must be coming from the ponds project I assume. I hate to think how long it will go on. This guy flies down Yorke St. and then backs up from Havelock St. Not only is he going TOO FAST but it’s very loud. My little ones are getting woken up from this. The banging from the dumping and the dust is unreal. I guess I won’t be hanging clothes out today.

I wonder who you can complain about this to? Or who you can get an explanation from? It has been only two days and I hate to think that this is how our neighbourhood is expected to spend its summer.

Mary Lee White