The Turnip is beaming proud to unveil its very first Summer Heritage Edition!

The stories and photographs contained therein aspire to cultivate a renewed appreciation of the incredible history embodied in the homes and buildings all around us.

To walk the streets of your neighbourhood and be taken back to the lives, to the challenges and the triumphs, of those who walked those streets hundreds of years before you, is something that so very few people will ever get to experience. The Turnip is proud and you should be too.

Did you know The Turnip has a Facebook Page? It does! What a great way to stay up-to-date and in touch with the Northend. On our Facebook Page last month, Katherine Scott asked ?”No dogs in park” signs have sprouted up in Louisa Gardens. Anyone have any insight into why?

Do you know why? If so let us know ( thenorthendturnip@gmail.com) so that we can help solve the mystery.

Congratulations Northend on another successful summer yard sale! Many thanks to all those who helped with the planning, buying and selling. We can’t wait to do it all again next year!

Been down to the playground at the bottom of Des Barres lately? Didn’t even know there was a playground at the bottom of Des Barres? There has been much Northend interest over the last few years in transforming this large and potentially vibrant community space, especially after the hugely successful renovation of Wentworth Park.

Why not take a walk down and let your imagination roam: what if the park had better evening lighting? What if big beautiful maple trees lined the perimeter? What if the playground equipment was replaced and there were actually basketball or tennis nets on the giant asphalt surface? Could it be used for a bocce ball club? A badminton club? For begeezus sakes, what if there was at least a trash can there?

We’d like to get together a group of Northenders interested in chatting and then doing something amazing with this incredible asset (that is barely used) right in all of our backyards. Interested? Then drop us a line at thenorthendturnip@gmail.com or give us a call at 270-6013. We’ll plan a little get together for everyone in the early fall and see what kind of ideas we can come up with.

We would like to extend our appreciation to the Beaton Institute Archives of Cape Breton University for providing the photographs for our special summer edition.