In the previous issue of The Turnip we included for contemplation a section of the Draft Secondary Planning Strategy for North End Sydney. Since then we’ve been contacted by CBRM Planner Rick McCready who noted that “the Planning Strategy was in fact adopted by CBRM Council on May 16, 2006, so it is not a draft. It is CBRM’s official policy on development in the North End”.

Seeing as its official, we thought we’d share another interesting excerpt:

7.3 Shade Trees: A Resource to Protect

The North End is blessed with a remarkable number of large attractive shade trees. The trees are an important part of the character of the North End and the aesthetics of the area would suffer greatly if these trees were lost Although most of the trees appear to be quite healthy at present many are getting old and there are fears that a major storm or insect invasion could result in significant losses It is also notable that many of the North End trees are American elms which are susceptible to Dutch Elm disease Dutch Elm disease has devastated elm populations throughout North America Although this disease has never had much impact on eastern Cape Breton Island there is always the possibility that an outbreak could occur here with severe consequences

Most of the North End trees are located within the street reserve and are as a result the property of CBRM. The CBRM should consider initiating a program to conserve the North End’s trees which could serve as a model for other areas of the Municipality

Policy 23: It shall be the policy of Council to investigate the feasibility of establishing a street tree conservation program for the North End which would include an evaluation of existing municipally owned trees and the development of a program for replacing trees over time with disease resistant species Such a program could serve as a model for other areas of CBRM.

When asked recently about the implementation and progress of this policy, District Nine Councillor Tom Wilson stated, “This policy is in place and being acted upon. The tree policy is however for the entire CBRM and not exclusive to the North End. This is a large budget item because you have to include treatment of existing trees, removal of diseased trees and replanting. A replanting program was started last year and will continue this year. The program will be looking at better spacing for replanted trees and better planning with regards to species that will suit the needs of the CBRM. This program is very important to a lot of residents and rest assured we are being very proactive when it comes to protecting and preserving the mature trees we are so fortunate to have”.

To see the full strategy go to http://cbrm.ns.ca/municipal-planning-strategy.html