Since moving back to the Northend, Joyce Lively has noticed that a lot of people are moving back to the Northend. To her, this says a lot about a neighbourhood.

Joyce and her partner, Kevin McNeil, recently built a large new home on Louisa Street, replacing the small single story that Joyce had purchased many years ago from Peyton Chisholm. Joyce rented out the single storey while residing in the shipyards and hardwood hill area. After recent attempts to sell the property were unsuccessful, Joyce and Kevin decided to design and construct a larger house on the plot of land they already owned. The fourteen foot by forty-five foot house was torn down and work on the new house began.

A lifelong music teacher, Joyce has taught at more than fifteen schools in Donkin, Port Morien, Bridgeport and Sydney and is currently the Principal at St. Agnes Elementary in New Waterford. Kevin is a Lot Manager at Mitsubishi and hopes to one day operate a small business from his new home.

Despite being away from the neighbourhood for a number of years, Joyce finds that little has changed. The streets are still safe and walkable and many of the same families from Joyce’s childhood still reside here. Perhaps this is why so many people who grew up in the Northend are returning as adults. Joyce is the third in her family alone to make the Northend home for a second time. She has a brother who lives on Desbarres and a sister who lives on Fairview.

Welcome to the neighbourhood Joyce and Kevin!