By Jessica Robertson

Hi there,

Last summer when I lived on Campbell Street I started petitioning the city to clean up and revamp the north end community playground.

A lot of the people who live in the north end have children and a lot of those same people are without vehicles. The beautiful new playground in Wentworth Park is lovely, but it doesn’t do much for the people who live twenty blocks away and have small children who are unable to walk that far.

It was really great to see how the community recently got together to organize a yard sale and to protest the tearing down of a historic building. I would like to suggest that you see if you can find some way to utilize your growing voice to get a more appropriate playground area and equipment for the community.

Basically the idea would be to get the community involved in creating a green space that can be used by children or for family/friend picnics or a number of other activities. There is a track down there and a ball field. There is some equipment down there, but it is pretty rusted and the ground is quite rocky. It would be nice to revitalize the area.