Dear Residents of the Northend,

The Old Sydney Society has been putting on Ghost Tours for the past few years. You may have seen the tour guides leading groups of people past your house, wearing period costumes, and telling ghost stories. Many of the stories that form the basis of the guided tour revolve around your neighborhood, and include tales of hauntings in homes on properties north of Dorchester.

This year we have decided to ask your help in creating a new and updated Ghost Tour. If you have any ghost stories or tales of hauntings in the Northend, or even your own house, please let us know. We would enjoy including your stories in our tours.

To share any stories you may have, phone the Lyceum at 539-1572, or send an email with an account of your story to oldsydneysociety@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Thank you for you time,

Courtney Penney and Russell Radzikowski
On behalf of The Old Sydney Society