Not one to welch on a bet, John found himself in the medical examiners office later that week, being sized up for service. The examiner told him that they were going to be doing something new, and that he was to be the first soldier to take the oath in Cape Breton since World War II.

“There were two of us there, me and a girl there from Glace Bay. We just went down and did our “I do’s” and that was it, we were married…to the army.”

Since then, John has been posted in several provinces, and served overseas in Cypress. He settled in Hamilton in 1979 where he stayed until finding his way back to the Northend in 2007.

“I’ve always come back, even while I was away. Every year since I left, I came back. When I got some vacation built up, I’d come down in the summer. I still see lots of old friends around here”

John currently lives on Charlotte Street. He’s still waiting for his case of beer.