If you’ve seen moving trucks around Ferry Street or the for sale sign on Harrington Place chances are you may have gotten a glimpse at the North End’s newest residents. Angela Power and Colin “Merlin” Clarke, natives of Charlottetown and Glace Bay respectively will be spending this week moving and settling into their new North End abode. Both secondary school teachers, Ange and Merlin are no strangers to the neighborhood and excited to be among its increasingly young residents. Interesting facts about Merlin and Ange: Merlin is a drummer who plays with a host of local bands including The Colin Grant Band, The Tom Fun Orchestra and Buck and Kinch. Ange recently spent a year teaching English to in the People’s Republic of China. Casey (the cocker spaniel pictured here) is eleven years old and carries on like a puppy of six months.

Pictured above are the newest residents of Harrington Place. From left, Angela Power, Casey, and Colin “Merlin” Clarke.