Kathleen Bunin frequently draws on her spirituality as inspiration for her art work. In particular, she often reflects back on a recent pilgrammage made to Haifa, Israel, recalling the personal high spots and deep spiritual reflections that this journey invoked.

Kathleen works in many mediums, though woodcut collage, contemporary collage and monotype glass are among her most preferred. The production of her monotype glass pieces involves arranging ink on a piece of glass, making markings in the ink and pressing a piece of paper into the ink to achieve an ink print on the paper. Often she will press the paper into the ink multiple times to achieve a number of inked layers.

Her contemporary collage pieces also involve layering, which she feels can depict a passage through time or the passing of time in the way that one would accumulate new experiences and new memories in their own life. This layering can also be used to represent the way in which memory itself is constructed. Over time, fragments of both reality and our imaginings blend into one to form our recollections of distant events and experiences. In “Memory: Fragments of Memory” Kathleen brings a number of materials together to show the workings of memory as something that is never secure in its entirety but only in pieces.

Kathleen was deeply involved in “Insight” an artist-run gallery in Sydney Mines which operated from 1995-2000 and had her last major showing at the Cape Breton University Art Gallery in 2001. Kathleen lives on Charlotte Street in Sydney’s Northend.