After a number of original and successful summer performances in downtown Sydney, the Cape Breton Stage Company is gearing up for a busy and crowd-pleasing Fall/Winter season – the first production of which will take place in Sydney’s Northend at St. Patrick’s Church Museum. Tales from the Bottom of the Well includes three original plays penned by Walter Carey, James FW Thompson and Wayne McKay and narrated by a resident ghoul of the Museum.

Thompson says the idea came about after a discussion that he and Carey were having about horror movies and likewise the need for Halloween plays. The purpose of course is to scare, “We discussed it and wanted to get another writer involved and have a trilogy of horror plays,” says Thompson.

Carey wrote The Night Guard, a dark and gothic fairy tale. Thompson penned Below, a psychological character study where the audience never really fins out what happened, “that’s left to the imagination. The characters talk about things that aren’t seen and they too don’t really know what’s happening. The play deals with the unknown and plays on our beliefs about human nature and religion,” reveals Thompson. The final piece is Confession, written by McKay. It is a one man show which invites the audience into the mind of a serial killer loosely based on British sociopath Fred West.

Thompson says that St. Pat’s is a great place horror, “St. Pat’s is the perfect spooky place. I don’t like being there by myself and I’ve had to be a few times.”

On Halloween night, there will be a special edition of the show including stories about the ghosts that haunt St. Pat’s. According to Thompson, “the audience should expect to be scared by the plays, at least by the ideas that are put in their heads. Sometimes the things you can’t see are the most frightening.”

If you’re in the market for a good Halloween scare be sure to check out the Cape Breton Stage Company’s Tales from the Bottom of the Well. The play runs October 29, 30 and 31 at 8 pm at St. Patrick’s Church Museum (67 Esplanade). Admission is $10 – be prepared for both trick and treat.

The Cape Breton Stage Company is a local theatre company that was formed in 2007 with the purpose of producing local, original theatre works in downtown Sydney. The company has produced numerous productions over the past three years, including 2009’s Play This Summer Theatre Festival and The Cape Breton Stage Company Hits the Streets, an outdoor theatre festival that is part of Sydney’s Action Week Celebrations.